Scheduling and fees:

Mediations are often scheduled for 1/2 day (~4 hours) or a full day (~8 hours), but scheduling multiple, shorter sessions over a period of time can be useful to allow for gathering of addition information or reflecting on options

Where the parties are separated by distance and not able to meet face to face, mediation sessions are held using video and audio communication tools and are usually planned over several 1 to 2 hour sessions.

Generally a fee is charged for each 'side' participating in a mediation in order to ensure that all involved are engaged in the process

Coaching usually involves one hour sessions with an initial session to identify goals, a set number of follow up sessions, ongoing evaluations and a final evaluation session after a pre-agreed period of time.

Schedule and fee structure is flexible to accommodate specific situations and needs.

Diplomas / Certificates:

  • MA Dispute Resolution Southern Methodist University, 2009
  • Civil Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certificate - State of Texas
  • Certificate of Domestic Relations and Dispute Resolution - State of Texas
  • DEUG Psychologie, Paris VIII, 1997
  • BA Music Therapy, TWU, 1979

Continuing Education:

Harnessing the Power of the Master Mediator

The Mediator Mindset : Asking Questions that Promote Understanding, Cllaboration and Resolution

Dealing with Entrenched Belief Systems and Strong Emotion in High Conflict Situations

Advanced training in Cross Border Family Mediation (under Hague Convention)

InAccord method of Mediation - Mediators without Borders

InAccord method of Arbitration - Mediators without Borders

Médiation : le nouveau visage de la légitimité [Mediation : A new approach to Legitimacy]
(E Battistoni – CNPM – Grenoble, France)

Le déroulement pratique d’une médiation/conciliation [Practical application of mediation process]
(G Robert Lopez – CNPM – Grenoble, France)

Professional Affiliations​

Texas Certified Family and Civil Mediator 

Member Texas Association of Mediators

Board Member Conflict Resolution Network North Texas

Certified Advanced Mediator by the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association


Member of Cross Border Family Mediator Network

Member of MiKK.ev (Mediation bei internationalen kindschaftishkonflikten : International network in Europe for Cross border family mediation)


Rebecca Arndt

+1 903 883 5279

​+33 (0)641 285 384

With 9 years of experience mediating civil and family disputes in Texas and in France, I am a  professional dedicated to helping people find pathways to peaceful resolution of immediate conflict situations as well as the underlying patterns which result in recurring conflict, if they so choose.

Additionally, I have a background of almost 30 years of experience working in various roles in a large international company coordinating programs and relationships across diverse cultures, groups and interests worldwide.

Who I am

​​Paz Seeker 

If you are considering mediation or conflict coaching and would like to talk about whether or not either would be helpful in your unique situation, please contact me.  

There is no fee for an initial session to explore your situation and needs nor for the effort to try and get another party to the table for a mediation.

I live between Texas (near the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex) and the south of France (Chateaudouble, Var) and mediate regularly in both places as well as via skype or other long distance communication tools.​​


Fluent in English, French and Spanish

I adhere to the definitions, rules and ethics of Mediation as set out by the 2003 Uniform Mediation Act copyrighted by the US National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, the Ethics for Mediators published by Texas Mediators Credentialing Association, the Ethical Guidelines for Mediators approved by the Supreme Court of the State of Texas amd  the European Code of Conduct for Mediators .