Diplomas / Certificates:

  • Certified CINERGY Conflict Management Coach, 2018
  • Diplôme d'Etat de Médiateur Familiale par VAE, 2018
  • Certificate International Family Mediation (50 hr course), 2015
  • MA Dispute Resolution Southern Methodist University, 2009
  • Civil Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certificate - State of Texas
  • Certificate of Domestic Relations and Dispute Resolution - State of Texas
  • DEUG Psychologie, Paris VIII, 1997
  • BA Music Therapy, TWU, 1979

Professional Affiliations

  • Texas Certified Family and Civil Mediator 
  • Member of Cross Border Family Mediator Network
  • Member of MiKK.ev (Mediation bei internationalen kindschaftishkonflikten : International network in Europe for Cross border family mediation)​​
  • Member of APMF (l'Association Pour la Médiation Familiale)


Fluent in English, French and Spanish

With 15 years of experience mediating family and other disputes in Texas and in France, I am a  professional dedicated to helping people find pathways to peaceful resolution of immediate conflict situations as well as the underlying patterns which result in recurring conflict, if they so choose.

If you are considering mediation or conflict coaching and would like to talk about whether or not either would be helpful in your unique situation, please contact me.  There are no fees for information and planning sessions.

I am now based in France (Murat-sur-Vèbre, Tarn).  I mediate face to face in the departments of the Tarn, Aveyron or Herault, or can travel to other sites as long as travel fees are covered.  I also conduct mediations through video conferencing (zoom) if face to face is not an option.

​​Paz Seeker 

Rebecca Arndt


​+33 (0)644 077 252

Ethics Commitment:

I adhere to the definitions, rules and ethics of Mediation as set out by the 2003 Uniform Mediation Act copyrighted by the US National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, the Ethics for Mediators published by Texas Mediators Credentialing Association, the Ethical Guidelines for Mediators approved by the Supreme Court of the State of Texas, the ethical code of the Texas Mediators Credentialing Association the European Code of Conduct for Mediators, the ethical guidelines of the Conseil National Consultatif de la Médiation Familiale and those of the Association Pour la Médiation Familiale

Scheduling and fees:

Schedule and fee structure is flexible to accommodate specific situations and needs.  I generally use a sliding scale structure based on participation by each participant based on their own net monthly revenue.  A fixed forfait for each mediation session, split between the participants as they determine, is also an option.

Soy flexible con respecto a las tarifas, Generalmente, utiliso una escala móvil de participación de cada persona segùn sus propiós ingrésos netos.  También es una posibilidad un forfait fijo para cada sesión de mediación, que se compartirà segùn lo determinan los participantes.

Information sessions are free of charge. Mediation and coaching sessions are generally 1 to 2 hours per session.  Number of sessions required depends on the participants and the situation.

In coaching there is an initial session to identify goals, a set number of follow up sessions, ongoing evaluations and a final evaluation session after a pre-agreed period of time.